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Wines On Tap

AIDA Bistro’s Wines On Tap Room YouTube Video!

New Wines for Spring 2020 from Maryland, California, Oregon & Italy

Anne Amie Pinot Noir:
Just in from Oregon, always a customer favorite, give it a try!

Old Westminster Heirloom:
The Bakers created a custom white blend that is great with our food!

Palladio Bianco, Chardonnay Blend:
Organic white, filled with fruit, minerality and sunshine from Sicily!

Hahn GSM Red Blend:

Central Coast red blend with some of our favorite grapes, Grenache, Syrah & Mourvèdre.

With 30 wines on tap, we have the largest Wine on Tap System in Maryland and one of the largest in the United States. If you’re a wine drinker, you have to stop in and taste the difference.

What is Wine on Tap?

“Restaurant operators who are serious about providing a fresh, fairly priced and ecologically sound wine product need to embrace Wine On Tap. It’s new and offers an economical and ecological future for wine consumption at restaurants and wine bars in the US.” -Joe & Mary Barbera, Proprietors, AIDA Bistro & Wine Bar

We have installed one of the largest Wine on Tap systems in the region – 30 Wines on Tap with many of the wines changing monthly. This offers our customers a chance to taste new wines each month. Our wines on tap can be sampled in a 3 oz taste. If you already know your favorite, they can be enjoyed in a 5 oz glass or shared in a 10 oz small carafe or 20 oz large carafe.

Many of you have asked us about our system and how it works. We invite you to visit us and either Joe or Mary will be happy to give you a tour.

Going Green is a Big Part of What We Offer

For each keg that is filled, we save 25 bottles, corks, enclosures, labels and various packaging materials. We recycle the kegs, sending them back to the winery to refill with the next varietal or vintage. We have saved over 100,000 bottles, corks and various materials from the landfill during the past 17 years!

How Does it Work?

Tap Wine simply uses a stainless steel keg or recyclable plastic keg as a vessel for delivering wine from the winery to the consumer. It is the same delivery vessel used for tap beer. The winemaker fills a five-gallon keg at the winery at the same or similar time as other wine is bottled for consumption. A five-gallon keg holds about 25 bottles. The kegs are cleaned & sterilized at the winery, filled by the winemaker and placed in what is best called suspended animation. We use a mixture of nitrogen & CO2 to push the wine out of the keg. Keg wine does not oxidize or age.

Try Wine on Tap Website for more information.

Wines On Tap To-Go

Howard County has recently passed a bill that enables us to sell you your favorite wine on tap for carryout. Take home a freshly filled wine growlier to enjoy anytime you want. Our Wines On Tap To-Go pairs perfectly with a carryout meal for a perfect date night at home.